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Introduction to 3D Studio Max
Duration : 4 days

3D Studio Max is a tool from Kinetix for making 3D Models, Designs and also to create simple as well as complex 3-Dimensional Animations.

3D Modelling and Rendering
Architectural drawings and layouts of all kinds.
Interior design and facility planning.
Line drawings for the fine arts. 
Using 3D-Studio Max, is an important part of communicating with the drawing community.
Achieve impressive presentations by simply souping up your  2D drawings and presenting them in dynamic views.

Gain a competitive edge by taking the time to build full 3D drawings.
A new paradigm for Design Visualization.
3D Studio Max is much more than just a form Creation tool.
3D Studio Max software gives you the freedom to Experiment and Race ahead with your Ideas and Imaginations.
Photographic & natural backgrounds made by yourself to create extraordinary environment.
The Special effects & extra lighting effects to make the environment much more vibrant.
Integrated Keyframe Animation. Subtle Visual Effects - Visual effects are available like fog, atmospheric effects, volumetric lighting and the effect of fire to help make, your Project Powerful and Natural.
Powerful Materials Editor, Simple materials with full control of color, textures shininess, strength of shininess, self-illumination and opacity are built-in.
Rich Lighting Tools, Quick, precise control of lighting effects.
Nondestructive Booleans and Lofts Merging outer Scenes or Film Clips with the Project made in 3D Studio Max.
Completely Redesigned Documentation and Tutorials.
Auto Back Light - Automatically position the sun for any day of the year, any time of day, any position on the earth, or any angle true north relative to your model.
Create 3D Models and Render them into Images or Movie Clips.
With Autodesk 3D Studio Max, you can create high resolution, True-colour Image files in industry standard file formats for Corporate Presentations, Broadcast graphics, Interior designing, Walk-through views, Design & Development.
Enhance the look of your Interiors with Special effects.
Give a Realistic look to your Interiors as well as to your Architectural Designs.

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Advance Excel, Corporate Training, Workshops in Excel, VBA Macros, Project Management, MSP